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Equator is the leading provider of default home marketplace software solutions for real estate agents, vendors, and other mortgage and real estate industry professionals. The company’s iSaas solutions include EQ Workstation®, EQ Marketplace®, EQ Midsource®, and EQ Portals™ and have processed more than $200 billion in transactions. Five of the top six financial institutions and one Government-Sponsored Enterprise currently use Equator’s platform.

When it came time to modernize their website with features that met the needs of their customers and allowed buyers to search their extensive database it was no easy task. Our team created not only a customer facing portal to find properties in their area but also allowed them to connect to agents selling these properties.

About The Project

During this project, I worked in a cross-functional team with visual and interactive designers, user researchers, prototypers, project managers, developers, and multiple business teams. I also contributed in conception, wireframing, product work flow, user interface design, documentation, design asset library, iterations based on group critique and user studies.


The wireframes for this project started with just the basic functionality from the business requirements. This allowed us the ability to have the developers focus on a working prototype as we flushed out the design.